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Yebin Mok, a famous professional figure skater, exemplifies what we call "Moving Sculpture", a rare quality where a skater or an artist is able to create a photograph at any point in their performance. Choreographed by Lorna Brown, a World Professional Champion, Olympic coach, and partner of the legendary John Curry, is among the world's great professional champions, as well as being an inspiration for countless skaters since the 1970's. Yebin Mok, is included in WORLD ART becuase of her mastery over the body, creating moving sculpture, demonstrating how each moment and transition may be special. This is an extremely rare attribute, which is important in the study of art.
"Creation" - An early, 1995, jeweled oil painting by Shepherd Clark, represents the moment that God spoke everything into existence. Mr. Clark believes that God is the Ultimate Artist, and that we are made in His Image, so this painting speaks of the origin of all art and of humanity itself. The central object is a rare American mined gem desert rainbow obsidian exclamation point from which many other gems explode outward. The work is intended to speak of the origin of all art, God, and the inspiration that is made possible through our existence as catalysts after this first supernatural artistic moment made possoble by God The Creator.
Shepherd's Rings

Shepherd Clark is a unique artist, working in the art genres of performing, fine, decorative, and recording. The image is that of a figure skated on the ice, an art form which has it origins in Europe hundreds of years ago. Mr. Clark was the first skater to perform "Shepherd's Rings", an adaptation of The Olympic Rings. This occured at the 2016 World Figure Championships in Toronto, Canada. Figure Skating unites the four major art generes. Compulsory figures are the namesake of figure skating, and were the first Winter Olympic sport ever contested at the 1908 Summer Olympic Games in London. In this art form, the ice is the canvas, and the line is about one millimeter making the tracing of these designs extremely difficult. It is known that to be a master of figures on the ice, ten years is generally required of a skater. An additional challenge is for the skater to be able to master these designs under pressure in front of skating judges. When they are performed, only one skate may be used, so balance and coordination for the artist and athlete are essential. Many skaters attest to the heart and mind being as calm as possible. Overcoming nerves is a major facet of "The Jeweled Sport" where skaters dance on a crystal, wear jeweled costumes, and compete for gold.
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