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Pierre Henri Matisse occupies a unique place in the story of WORLD ART.
Mr. Matisse distinguished himself as the personification of the virtues of WORLD ART.
Relevance, Originality, and Mastery are all strengths that Mr. Matisse exemplified in his art
and in life. As the founder of WORLD ART and as a figure skater, a parallel exists between
Pierre's palette knife technique and the artwork that I produce on steel blades.

Mr. Matisse called me his, "Protege". I still dont think this has fully registered in my heart
and mind. His faith in WORLD ART was, and is, jet fuel to me. Pierre's work stands on its
own as highly stylized and meticulous in its techniques, as well as deeply reminiscent of a
childhood that it appears he never had. Despite what it is that he underwent, Pierre made
the most of his faith, virtue, and vision, so that others would find value in all that we may
take for granted. Pierre Henri Matisse is at the zenith of WORLD ART as an example.

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