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WORLD ART exists to elevate lives and economies. Art is a cottage industy in all nations. WORLD ART seeks Relevant, Original, and Masterful examples, exhibitng and rewarding artists with a unique jeweled medal. WORLD ART exhibits art treasures, showcasing fine examples of all price points for sale to assist worthy causes. We invite visitors to evaluate the works we exhibit, considering their Relevance, Originality, and Mastery on a 0.0 to 10.0 scale. To become a WORLD ART member, visit our online shopping gallery and make a purchase. By doing so, you will have propelled an important mission to showcase worthy art talent from all over the world. In addition, you will support a company which propels a variety of important causes via the exhibition and sales of art and jewel treasures. To contact us, please email us at INFO@WORLDART.TV

WORLD ART finds and awards world champion artist who are relevant, original, and masterful
as well as honoring collectors and those who patronize artists, and in so doing elevate the world's economy
World Art Hosts Unique Events At Which The Patrons Evaluate The Art Helping WORLD ART Assemble A Museum Collection In Which You Take Part. Our Museum Collection Represents The World's Patrons.
We Are Building A Collection of Art That Will Fill A Unique Museum To Inspire Artists And Reward Them In A New And Spectacular Way. Dress For The Event Is Artistic, Fashionable, Jewel Theme Attire.
Become a WORLD ART Benefactor.  Let us hear from you.
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